In today’s fast-paced world, where capturing the attention of potential customers is paramount, effective advertising can make all the difference for your business. One innovative and affordable way to get your message in front of a local audience is the High Street Advertising Wall in the heart of Grand Falls-Windsor. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of advertising on this prime spot and why your business should seize this opportunity.

High Street Advertising Wall – An Overview

? Location: 9 High Street, next to the iconic Joe Byrne Memorial Stadium.

High Street Advertising Wall offers an exclusive advertising space that’s both cost-effective and strategically positioned. Here’s why you should consider this opportunity for your business:

1. Affordable Monthly Rate

For just $129.99 per month, your business can enjoy exclusive advertising rights on a prominent 4’x8′ sign. This unbeatable pricing provides excellent value for money, especially considering the prime location of the ad wall.

2. Exclusive Ad Placement

The High Street Advertising Wall is designed to feature only one advertisement at a time. This means that your business will have the full attention of passersby without competing with other advertisements. Your message will stand out, leaving a lasting impression.

3. Strategic Location

Situated next to the Joe Byrne Memorial Stadium, the High Street Advertising Wall is strategically placed to capture the attention of local residents, sports enthusiasts, and event attendees. It’s an ideal spot for reaching a diverse and engaged audience.

4. Solar Lighting

The inclusion of solar lighting ensures that your ad remains visible day and night. This feature maximizes the exposure of your message, even in low-light conditions, ensuring that potential customers see your business.

5. Limited Availability

Act now to secure one of the two remaining spaces on the High Street Advertising Wall. The next round of signs is going up soon, and this exclusive opportunity won’t last. Don’t delay if you want to elevate your business through this prime advertising location.

Why Your Business Should Advertise Here

  1. Local Visibility: The High Street Advertising Wall offers a local advertising solution that’s perfect for businesses looking to reach a local and engaged audience. Whether you’re a local shop, a restaurant, or a service provider, this prime location ensures that your message is seen by the very people you want to target.
  2. Cost-Effective: At just $129.99 per month, this advertising opportunity is highly cost-effective. You get exclusive ad placement and maximum visibility for a reasonable price.
  3. Exclusive Presence: The one-advertisement-at-a-time policy means that your business gets an exclusive presence, free from the clutter of multiple ads. This increases the impact of your message.
  4. Event and Sports Enthusiasts: Being next to the Joe Byrne Memorial Stadium means that your ad will be seen by sports enthusiasts and event-goers, providing additional exposure during games, concerts, and local events.
  5. Solar Lighting: The inclusion of solar lighting ensures your ad remains visible even after dark, further increasing your reach and impact.

The High Street Advertising Wall offers a unique and cost-effective opportunity for your business to get noticed by a local and engaged audience. With an exclusive ad placement, solar lighting, and a strategic location next to the Joe Byrne Memorial Stadium, this advertising space is a valuable asset for any business.

With just two spaces remaining, the time to act is now. Don’t miss out on this prime advertising location. Elevate your business with the High Street Advertising Wall and get ready to make a lasting impression on your local community. Contact us today to secure your spot!